Neuroimaging-based Biomarkers

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Dr. Brad Hobson’s paper on evaluating PET-based biomarkers of neuronal damage is published in Toxicological Sciences.

Brief description

TSPO imaging in the DFP rat model

Our research group is developing methods for evaluating imaging biomarkers from neuroimaging data. These projects involve the development of paradigms for validation of novel PET radiotracers, PET kinetic modeling, atlas-based analysis, and image processing. This work uses data from both animal models (small-animals and non-human primates) as well as humans. The applications are in assessing the impact of environmental factors and neurodegenerative disorders on the brain.


Pamela J. Lein, Ph.D., John H. Morrison, Ph.D., Brad Hobson, Ph.D.

Research Support

National Institutes of Health

Relevant publications

B. A. Hobson, D. J. Rowland, S. Sisó, M. A. Guignet, Z. T. Harmany, S. Bandara, N. Saito, D. J. Harvey, D. A. Bruun, J. R. Garbow, A. J. Chaudhari and P. J. Lein, TSPO PET Using [18F]PBR111 Reveals Persistent Neuroinflammation Following Acute Diisopropyl-fluorophosphate Intoxication in the Rat. Toxicological Sciences, 2019 Apr 17, PMCID: In Process

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Please contact Dr. Chaudhari at ajchaudhari AT ucdavis DOT edu

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